Made from Markers (background)


I am still learning how to do this blog so bare with me (LOL). As soon as i do this website will be improved with cards, among other things when they are done. Also techniques i use to make things easer for me will be added. i cant get some of the products, so i create my own. This can be found if you click on the crafting tips and tricks link and the video will be at the top of the page. I will continue to figure out how to fix it as i better understand blogging.

I dont draw very much however; I use alot  of stamps with decorations to bring the cards out. one that i did is a background moon technique, which can be found as a video towards the bottom of the page. here is a card made with that.

(Twilight Moon Technique) 

With all the cards that I do I don't want to go backwards in my progress. practice makes perfect, and while im not saying im perfect, in order to get a great look you must continue to try and try again. my cards are far from bieng  the best it takes time to learn different and fun ways to make them. With a little addition of dimension your cards will be taken to a new level. Layering elements often make your cards pop out and look like either: two or three D. Adding foam dots help bring up elements to achieve a grand look. Using trees, you can also create many new looks all the time. You can get a tree stamp and do some trees using a scrap piece of paper to practice and have fun. 

please check back because there is a lot more to come!

Thanks for looking.

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